2017: Checking In…

Origami Adventurer

It’s been so long since I’ve put this Web site to use that attempting to connect to the server has felt like a ‘Bourne Identity’ hacking mission. My theory on this is: many years ago I must have been enlisted into a secret government program where they reprogrammed me into an Ultimate Average-Joe and wiped my memory clear of important things, such as the log-in info for this Web site.

I have returned to the site now because I reckon this mostly-idle Weblog serves as a time capsule for future archeologists. When they sift through the rubble of our ancient internet for the wealth of information embedded within they’ll get to know about Steve Dorchester directly from the source. These are my cave drawings, sealed in amber and sunken deep in the world-wide tar pit to be fossilized forever.

What sort of life-diversions could prevent someone like me from keeping up with a thing as important as curating their own permanent-record for all time? I’m really not sure about that, but look here at this little piece of paper I folded.

Recently I’ve been intrigued by origami. There are many different ways and aspects of origami to be intrigued with and I suspect that each origami-intrigued individual would have their own special niche of intrigue. In my case, my calling has been in finding keen designs that I can memorize. I like to be able to start folding and create a small sculpture out of a single sticky-note without having to look anything up.

And there is someone else in my Family who is also intrigued by origami, which makes me happy. Recently, in fact, there was a lovely origami wedding that took place on the coffee table, officiated by a giraffe.

It seems as though I hover around being able to remember how to make about 60 things. If I try to add something new to my stable, one of the other designs that I used to have memorized gets squeezed out.

(Undoubtedly that is also a consequence of my government reprogramming.)

Origami Wedding

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 Eclectcetera!

Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home
Once upon a time there was a sad old little grey house sitting cold and dark and empty for a very long while. Then one day, after lots-and-lots of TLC, a warm and loving home stood in the very spot where the old lonely house used to be. A family had seen life and had fixed it up and had moved inside. And now they are all living very happily ever after.
The Beginning. :)

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Thursday, September 15th, 2011 Eclectcetera!

WordPress Rocks!

Blog engines are super-fantastic things; dynamos that have made the World Wide Web a current and thriving, lively place. It generally used to be that the only current Web sites were the ones that’d been freshly launched — while most of the others were dusty out-of-date monuments or ‘under construction/coming soon’ pages.

Though I’ve visited countless types of blogs, WordPress is the only blog engine I’ve had my hands inside, and I don’t see reason to stray.

It’s a little tricky to navigate through the tangled WordPress universe when you first open the box, dump out the CSS, and set to the task of setting up and customizing a blog to suit your own distinct needs. But if you take the time and do the work, it is such a convenient and valuable asset to have on your team.

Long live WordPress!

Monday, October 20th, 2008 Eclectcetera!