Parallel Universe

This morning I was driving along a route I drive nearly every day. There was some sort of fender-bender ahead that gummed up the traffic flow, so I turned to the right one block earlier than I normally would have, and drove on a different road.

Everything was new to me. But it was old. It was an old industrial area lined with small, nondescript, weather-beaten machine shops that had forever been repairing or manufacturing this or that. Some of the buildings looked as if they might have been abandoned now. The large trees along this road had been trimmed through the years to accommodate a powerline running through the middle of the hollowed-out afros of their branches. They formed a long brambly row of deciduous ‘Y’s.

On this road there were none of the fast-food restaurants or video stores or illuminated gas stations I normally pass.

This whole other parallel world occupies the same time and space as I do, but one block to the right.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 Thonk! of the Day