365 Through-the-Viewfinder (TtV)

Some time ago I was hooked by the challenge of capturing (digital) photographic images through the viewfinder of vintage TLR cameras manufactured in the 40s & 50s. Soon after, I took the plunge and committed to take one TtV image for each day of the year — beginning January 1, 2009.

Mission accomplished! :)  ~~ I believe I learned quite a bit about photography in the course of the project, and I definitely know that I enjoyed the experience.

The collection of ttv365 2009 images can be found in my flickr stream here.

A group of other swell folk who are also ttv365ers can be found here.

And the super-cool, primary Through-the-Viewfinder group can be found here. (Everything you always wanted to know about TtV, and were afraid to ask.)

I’ve also put together an interactive photo-mosaic, here , comprised of many of my photographs from 2009. Enjoy!

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